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Servicing Residential and Commerical Lawns

 in Prince William and Fairfax County.




Premium Program

Round 1: Early Spring Fertilization with Preemergent and Weed  Control

Round 2: Late Spring Fertilization with Preemergent and Weed Control

Round 3: Early Summer Fertilization with grub preventative and Weed Control

Curative insect or fungicide applied if necessary. (Inquire for details)

Round 4: Late Summer Fertilization and Weed Control

Round 5: Early Fall Fertilization and Aeration (seeding can be added upon request)

Round 6: Winterizing Fertilization and Weed Control

Round 7: Late Season Lime Application

Unlimited services calls in between Rounds upon request.

How We are Xmplary!

Unparalleled customer service :Quick response times to questions, concerns, and service calls. People who care about you and your lawn.

Grass Roots oath and guarantee:We guarantee to service your lawn in a specific way every time, if we fail to do so, the application is free of charge. 

Customer Awareness on ALL Visits:We will contact every customer (unless otherwise requested) at least one day in advance for all services and visits.

Residential Results on Commercial Properties:We will treat commercial properties with the same time, care, and equipment as we do residential properties.

Additional  Services Offered

Aeration and/or Over-Seeding:Only recommended in fall. Spot "dethatching" and shade seed options available.

Pest Control Services:Curative insect application and a grub preventative is included with premium program.

Lawn Disease Solutions:Curative application included in premium program with preventive fungicide program.


Active/Retired Military or Senior Citizen discounts

Maximum discount per service is $10.00. 

Minimum charge for any single service is $55.00.

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